So we’re going to navigate you towards your new adventures. Are you ready to hop aboard?


This is the boat of La Bombona Diving- Café

It was built in June 2009 and has all the amenities:

- It has 3 decks, a spectacular sundeck.

- Compressor equipment.

- Space for washing and drying equipment.

- First aid room, specific kit with 100% oxygen and a radio available for your security is always guaranteed.

- Full diving equipment and snorkel aboard.

- Full WC and 2 fresh water showers.

- Lounge with coffee, tea, water and fresh fruits, which will be served on each trio for free between dives.

- Kitchen and breakfast on board included for you.

And … we have already talked about the sun, right? There is a large terrace for sun lovers to bask on between dives!