We look forward to sharing what we know and learn together!

La Bombona Diving – Cafe awaits:

Rocio Garcia

A pure “Cordobesa”, adopted by Madrid and still, in love with the sea.

They say we want what we can’t have but: why can you not have what you want ? After years working in the media world in Madrid, she found her true calling: diving, and decided to do what she wanted most, leaving the big city to live surrounded by the sea and enjoy its wonders every day.

The chosen place, a paradise in the Gulf of Thailand, the island of Koh Tao , where she realised her dream: to share the incredible experience of diving with anyone who wants to visit us at La Bombona Diving- Cafe.

Truly disconnect, the feeling of weightlessness, overcoming challenges, knowing of a new world … all surrounded by amazing people who share your passion. Yes, you can have what you want !

Alberto Azorin
Instructor Trainer

He has a passion for the unknown: When he was very young he began to travel the world discovering different cultures and values.

He has passion for the sea: since he was a kid his father took him to swim in the sea, teaching him the respect and admiration it deserves.

He always wanted to explore its hidden secrets and in 2009 he made his first contact with recreational diving.
Since then he told himself that someday he would make travelling and diving his profession.

Some time ago he travelled to Koh Tao, worked as a Divemaster with great professionals, acquiring a great foundation to get to be a good instructor.

He has a passion for diving: now, his main motivation is to teach diving and learn from every person that he encounters daily.